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Workshops and Assembly Programs for Students

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers and Administrators (click here for more information)


Primary Education Workshops: Elementary School, Middle or Junior High school

Seconday Education Workshops: High School  


New workshops focused on tomorrow's leaders and entrepreneurs available.

Journey to Success


Planning for success is much like planning a ROAD TRIP! You need to know where you’re going, why you’re going, and how you’ll get there. You’ll also need to pack the necessary tools to ensure you’re equipped for the ride and prepared for arrival. Participants explore the Six Steps to develop a Personal Success Strategic Plan (PSSP).


Participants will learn to:

• understand where they want to go in life and why;

• create better goals and strategies to achieve them;

• use self motivation and hard work to keep moving; and

• make adjustments when things don’t go as planned.


The program can also be customized to teach students:

  • how to select the college that is right for you;

  • what skills do colleges and employers look for in successful candidates;

  • how to "wow" them in the interview;

  • the ins and outs of financial aid for college;

  • the importance of time management and organization.


This program is ideal for Freshman transitioning into high school, Juniors at the beginning of the college selection process, and Seniors preparing to make the transition to life after high school - whether it is college, work, the military or any other option they have in mind.

Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship


Many schools would love to teach financial management to their students, but due to state education requirements and budget restrictions are not able to fit this valuable information into the curriculum or have teachers qualified to teach it.   Kevin has a degree in Banking and Finance and has been working in the world's largest school system (NYC) for over 20 years.  Students will learn valuable information regarding financial management.  The program is standards-based and will teach students, among other things:


  • how to establish different types of bank accounts

  • how to write a check and balance a checkbook

  • how to read a paystub (taxes and deductions)

  • the importance of investing and different types of investment instruments

  • the good and the bad of using credit

  • buying a home vs. renting, leasing vs. buying a car

  • how to identify the traits of an entrepreneur

  • how to outline and develop a business idea

  • how to develop a sales and marketing strategy

  • how to launch and grow the business

  • and much more


The program will help prepare students to manage their finances upon graduation as they venture into college or the world of work.

The new YouthMAX Plus with Nick Vujicic program consists of five sessions led by certified John Maxwell Team speaker Kevin Boston-Hill that include presentations and activities for YouthMAX Kids (ages 8-11) and YouthMAX Teens (12-18). The YouthMAX Plus activities are designed to reinforce learning outcomes and help students develop the skills necessary to build strong relationships and add value to others.  The programs may be facilitated in total or singularly. Each of the programs may also be tailored to meet the needs of each youth group, school or after school program.

In each session, participants will hear youth leadership development messages from John Maxwell Team YouthMAX Ambassador, Nick Vujicic.  These messages include:

  • 3 Important Letters – Y.O.U.

  • Your True Strength

  • The Kind Connection

  • Failure Is Important to Success

  • 5 Steps of Success

YOUTHMax - Student Leadership and Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying, failure, low self-image, and poor character decisions are at the heart of many of the challenges facing young people today. Certified John Maxwell Team speaker Kevin Boston-Hill offers YouthMAX, a youth leadership curriculum, designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life.  YouthMAX helps youth grow and develop to meet the challenges of life in today's changing world. Among the lessons your students will learn:

Stand Up and Be Counted - Learn positive attitudes and actions that will help stop bullying and lift others up.

Developing a Positive Self-Image - Understand and apply key ways to develop and maintain a positive self-image.

Developing Strong Personal Character - Learn what it takes to develop strong and effective personal character.

Learning to Fail Forward to Success - Learn powerful, proven ways to look at failure in a new way and use life’s failures to build success.

Professional Development

One of the concerns school administrators have is being able to provide quality professional development to their teachers and a concern of teachers is attending professional learning that they can use in their classrooms immediately. Using his experience as an administrator and workshop leader, Kevin can deliver interactive and informative professional learning sessions in the following areas:



If you want your teachers to rave about their next professional learning experience, you need to book Kevin to come to your school.

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Information for Parents


Many parents have questions and concerns about how to help their students in school. Kevin uses his vast experiences working with families to provide parents with strategies to help their students succeed.  Among the strategies parents will learn:


  • how to communicate with your student's school

  • what information should you ask for

  • how to assist your student when you do not know the content matter

  • how to help your student select a college

  • how to fund your student's college education

Educational Institutions Serviced (outside New York State):

Educational Institutions Serviced (within New York State):

  • August Martin H.S. 

  • Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy 

  • Queens High School for Teaching 

  • High School for Civil Rights 

  • Magnet School of Law & Government 

  • Community Health Academy of the Heights 

  • Graphic Communication Arts H.S. 

  • Manhattan Center for Science and Math 

  • Central Islip H.S. 

  • Martin Luther King H.S. 

  • Beach Channel H.S. 

  • William Grady Voc-Tech H.S. 

  • New Dorp H.S. 

  • High School for Communication Arts & Technology

  • Frederick Douglas Academy

  • Roosevelt Sr. High School

  • DeWitt Clinton H.S.

  • Hillcrest H.S.

  • Erasmus-Star Early College H.S.

  • Grace Dodge H.S.

  • Sheepshead Bay H.S.

  • Metropolitan Corporate Academy

  • Hostos Lincoln Academy

  • Gateway School for Environmental Research and Tech

  • Jacqueline Onassis H.S. for International Careers

  • Middletown H.S.

  • Ramapo High School

  • Bread & Roses H.S.

  • Yeshiva of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School

  • Leadership Institute

  • Center Moriches H.S.

  • Collegiate Institute for Math & Science

  • Spring Valley H.S.

  • Bishop Loughlin Memorial H.S.

  • Briarcliff H.S.

  • Pathways College Preparatory

  • Queens Gateway to Health Sciences

  • East Islip H.S.

  • Excelsior Preparatory H.S.

  • St. Raymond High School for Boys

  • Coxsackie-Athens High School

  • Richmond Hill H.S.

  • Queens High School for Teaching

  • Lourdes Academy H.S.

  • Bronx Health Sciences H.S.

  • Central Park East H.S.

  • Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design

  • NYC Museum School

  • George Washington Carver H.S.

  • High School for Global Citizenship

  • Mathematics, Science Research & Technology Magnet H.S.



  • Crosby H.S. (CT)

  • Manchester Sr. High School (CT)

  • Wolcott H.S. (CT)

  • Watertown H.S. (CT)

  • Patapsco H.S. and Center for the Arts (MD)

  • Saddle Brook High School (NJ)

  • Wyoming Area Sec High School (PA)

  • Henry Snyder H.S. (NJ)

  • Bloomfield H.S. (CT)

  • Father Judge H.S. (PA)

  • Parkway West H.S. (PA)

  • Christ the King Preparatory H.S. (NJ)

  • Holy Cross H.S. (PA)

  • Charles E. Gorton H.S. (PA)

  • Woodbridge H.S. (NJ)

  • Manchester Sr. High School (CT)

  • Saddle Brook H.S. (NJ)

  • New Britain H.S. (CT)

  • Abraham Clark High School (NJ)

  • Gloucester Co Institute of Technology (NJ)

  • Warren Hills Regional H.S. (NJ)

  • Woodward Career Technical H.S. (OH)



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