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Chat with your KBH Speaks consultant and get the advice you need.







KBH Speaks Advice & Coaching in Leadership Development, Academics, Study Tips, Interpersonal Relations (Male/Female), Complaint/Conflict Resolution, Personal Development, and much more.


Everyone has an opinion.  Sometimes you just need an unbiased professional to assist you with the decision you are facing.  Chat with an expert and get the answers you need to put you at ease.  Our mission is to give parents or guardians advice to best prepare their chid for school or life as well as help individuals become better leaders (schools, business, or community).

We listen, offer insight to guide, we provide advice and tips on trends, a voice to empower, and compassion to give hope and direction.  


We can help!


  • Do you need an ear to listen or someone to talk to?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you faced with challenges and need someone to talk with?



Challenges (Parents):


  • A High Rate of Suspension.

  • Considered the Class Clown / Defiant.

  • My child's teacher wants to refer him to Special Eduction.

  • My daughter is chatty or talkative in class, PLEASE HELP.

  • My child is being bullied in school or cyber-bullied.

  • I'm affraid my child is being pressured by a gang and I don't know what to do.

  • My chid is struggling in school academically, can you assist me?

  • My child has challenges with a teacher, here's the scenrio....can you provide objective feedback?


Challenges (School/Business/Community Leadership):

  • I am a new supervisor/manager and am nervous about how to lead.

  • I am an experienced supervisor/manager, but am having difficulty with some direct reports.

  • How do I motivate a group of volunteers to work harder?

  • How can I build a strong school culture?

  • How can I create a data driven environment?

  • What are PLCs and how can I establish them in my school?

  • What can I do to minimize workplace conflicts?


Discussion Topics:


  • eLearning:  School House Vs. Home School?

  • Help me understand Common Core.

  • How do I know if my child needs academic support?

  • How do I now if my child needs a tutor?

  • Where can I get tutoring for my child?

  • How do I prepare for the Parent-Teacher Conference? How do I prepare for the performance review?

    • How do I raise questions about grades and conduct?

    • What information should I be looking to leave with?

    • What should be the outcome of the conference?

  • My child is freaking out about State exams, what should I do?

    • How do I prepare my child?

  • How do I relieve anxiety around standardized testing?

    • Grades 3-8

    • High School Regents 

    • SAT's 

We look forward to hearing from you!


KBH Speaks Advice is powered by Keeper of The Brand.

Education is key.  You'll likely encounter obstacles that are inevitable along the way.  We have experts available to answer your questions Sunday & Thursday 8pm-10pm .

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