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Kevin will work with you to customize a workshop that will satisfy your specific needs.  Whether you want a half-day or full-day workshop, or a keynote address that inspires greatness, be sure to contact Kevin Boston-Hill.  The KBH Speaks programs will inspire and energize your team.



As a John Maxwell certified speaker/trainer/coach, Kevin will use the lessons of Leadership Gold, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, and Everyone Communicates, Few Connect combined with his personal anecdotes to create a truly unique and enjoyable learning experience that will leave participants fulfilled and energized to reach new heights of success.



Kevin has worked with several companies in a variety of industries, including:

Leadership Skills for First-Time Managers and Supervisors


Our techniques for supporting first-time supervisors have a remarkable success rate. We begin by helping them discover and define their management style, then teach them how to identify the different personalities they will work with and be able to motivate them.  Some of the learning objectives are how to:


  1. Avoid common mistakes when supervising others.

  2. Build morale and provide a motivating environment for employees.

  3. Develop and demonstrate conflict resolution skills.

  4. Successfully give specific, constructive feedback to employees.

  5. Proactively set priorities. 

  6. Create an action plan to increase their personal skills.


Time Management and Organizational Skills


Everyone wants to either find more time in the day or make better use of the time they have.  We will show you how to do both.  Among the objectives you will learn are:


  1. Increase effectiveness through time management and organizational skills.

  2. Identify time management style.

  3. Create a personal time management and organization plan.

  4. Implement success habits.

  5. Measure how time is spent and gauge its effectiveness.

  6. Manage interruptions and handle disruptions.

Working with Difficult Employees and/or Customers

We offer the opportunity for you to gain greater understanding of the people you work with on a daily basis - your employees and customers, whether they be internal or external.  We help build on the knowledge your staff already has in order to make them more effective in working with difficult people. Some of the learning objectives are to:

  1. Better understand how different behavioral styles are viewed — by the manager and others -- so that the team benefits as opposed to suffers from behavioral differences.

  2. Objectively assess the root causes of bad attitudes — and master skills for managing employees who are actively disengaged.

  3. Give feedback and coach employees with weak interpersonal skills — or interpersonal skills that others perceive as weak.

  4. Work with each employee’s motivation so that all employees get more of what they need to be successful in their conduct, interpersonal dealings and job performance. 

  5. Manage pressure situations and better cope with all the emotions caused by bad attitudes and problematic interpersonal skills, giving problem employees every chance to improve or to fire themselves.

  6. Handle disciplinary and termination sessions with greater skill and confidence, covering all the legal bases, maintaining credibility, and preserving the morale and productivity of the team.

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