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Kevin is one of America's leading educators focusing on developing tomorrow's leaders today.  


His collegiate programs and lecture series connect with students and administrators across the nation.

Through the Journey to Success program, Kevin will guide students of all grade levels in developing their Personal Success Strategic Plan (PSSP).

Your students will be equipped with the tools and strategies to be prepared for the following:

Are You Ready for College?

Are You Really Ready for Graduation?

Do You Have the Skills Required to Lead Your Group/Club/Fraternity/Sorority/Organization?


Participants will learn to:

• understand where they want to go in life and why;

• create better goals and strategies to achieve them;

• use self motivation and hard work to keep moving; and

• make adjustments when things don’t go as planned.


Whether it is Freshman orientation, Seniors preparing to make the next step in their lives, or anywhere in between, your students will leave equipped with the tools necessary to prepare for their journeys and arrive to their successful destinations.

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