Must have an active social presence on at least one of the following channels:

  • Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Youtube, Tumblr or a personal blog. Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page may also be considered.


  • Social pages must not be private.


You must have a strong following on your social media channels and follower engagement ie. likes, shares, comments. While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone with great potential, generally, we are looking for the following audience minimums. (We will consider the minimum for whichever channels you are applying for. Example: if you are applying and check off IG, then we will look for the IG minimums. The blogger and YouTube minimums wouldn’t apply.):

  • For Instagram, a minimum of 50,000 followers

  • For Twitter, a minimum of 50,000 followers

  • For Snap Chat, a minimum of 50,000 followers

  • For YouTube, a minimum of 25,000 subscribers

  • For bloggers, a minimum of 50,000 unique monthly visitors

  • Your Facebook Fan Page and Twitter presence will be considered in conjunction with at least one other platform above (not as standalone)

Note:  We evaluate engagement follower "Likes", "Comments" and "Shares" 

  • Event Tickets, Gifting, Special Offers and Discounts

  • Friends and Family discount to share with friends, family and followers on select events.

  • Be featured on our social media


  • The current application period is for consideration as a Brand Rep for the term beginning April 2018 and ending December 2018. 

  • As an Brand Rep you get a 9-month term to represent our Brands.

  • After 6-months we will reopen applications to accept new Brand Reps. You can reapply for a new 6-month term that does not run consecutively with the term you just completed. 



  • Create brand-related content featuring gifted merchandise, event preparation, event attendance at least 1-2x a week (more if you want). Can be photos, videos, blog posts/mentions etc. Must be tag event social media Instagram, facebook etc. ie. @goldcoastsummers @goldcoastsummer

  • Include links to our site/social media.

  • Engage with us on social media regularly (like, comment, share posts of interest to your followers etc)

  • Generate buzz for our current season and upcoming events:

    • Gold Coast Summers Music and Wine Festival

    • Gold Coast Summers ArtScene

  • You must take clear, quality photographs and agree to the use of your photos across our social media, website and for other advertising purposes.

  • Your social media must remain public during your term as a Brand Rep.

  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the brand rep does not adhere to all the rules stated above.

  ©2018 By #Keeperofthebrand

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