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 Greater Queens (NY) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated 

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A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and herself only."

Maya Angelou


We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to continuing the goals of friendship and service throughout Queens County in New York City.  We hope you will partner with us in our efforts to improve the quality of life for members of our community.

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Paula Brown Edmé

I’m honored, to welcome you to the website of Greater Queens (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. Organized, March 9, 1996, Greater Queens (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has a rich history of providing transformative impactful community service. Comprised of forty-nine (49) dynamic women. “In Friendship and Service” our Chapter is dedicated to the implementation of educational, civic, and cultural programs, that serve to enhance resources and improve the quality of life for children and families, in underserved communities in the Borough of Queens, NY. We effect change, providing scholarships, services, and programming in five facet areas: Services to Youth, The Arts, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services. Greater Queens (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, operates pursuant to the governance and
guidelines of our national body.

Our Programs

Greater Queens (NY) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has engaged in educational, civic, and intercultural initiatives since 1996. The foundation of our service is the five program focus areas. We implement activities that will address the most critical needs in these five areas:

Our Partners

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